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You have found my spriting blog! In this blog you will find all my sprite creations from 2003 to 2016. Or at least you will once I get everything all up to date.

In the meantime please check out my
Deviant Art page or my anime/video game forum Reflection! 


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About Usage:
Just like anything online and in life there are rules to using these.

- You CANNOT use my creations in banners, avatars, layouts, blinkies, cursors, and anything else like that.
- You CANNOT use my works to make a profit - I make sprites because they make me happy and since 2002 I have never made a single dime on them!
- You CANNOT edit my creations in any way shape or form! If you want to learn the art I can help you!
- You CANNOT hotlink to any of my images! If taking any sprites to show off you must save them to your own PC and upload them to your own account!

That's a lot of cannot's huh? Well here's the one thing you can do!

- You CAN post them to your blog, website, or forum signature as long as you link back to this site and give proper credit on a credits page. Heck you can even make the sprites themselves a link if you want. Just make sure people can find where they came from!

WARNING if I find them altered or without a link/credit I will add you (via blog,site, etc) to my blacklist!

About My Sprites:
I use two styles. One is known as Sailor Moon Another Story which was a SNES game. They're also the most popular I think if you look back on the early days of adoptable sprites. ^^

The new style which I'm calling Style #2 or Chibi is actually from Lunar Dragon Song for the DS. It's not the main style of the game, but more or less made from the little over-world map sprite of the main character, Jian. I started working in this style at the start of 2015. They are the only sprites I'm working on at them moment!

Q: What are Adoptable sprites?
A: Basically they are like stamps. You collect (adopt) them and display them on a webpage, blog, or forum signature linking back to the original site. You can adopt simply for being in the fandom, liking a character, or just liking the sprite in general.

Q: What program do you use?
A: Personally I use a program from 2005 called Corel Paint Shop Pro Studio X. In the early days I used MS paint though.

Q: How can I request?
A: By sending me a note here on DA, or leaving a comment right here in the album. The last resort would be e-mailing.

Q: Do you charge a fee?
A: No. I work for nilch. Though I won't take on every request either. If it's something I like anime,video game, etc wise though there's more of a chance of me doing it.
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** Please read all RULES before you take any! **

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers In Space

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** Please be sure to read the RULES before taking any sprites! **

Final Fantasy XV

Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV

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*Please remember to check out the RULES before taking anything! ^^

Harvest Moon: Skytree Village


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